Friday, January 7, 2005


Here's another "Lost In Thought"......

'Lost' finally returned from its holiday hiatus. Huzzah huzzah!

Sorry. Just wanted to continue with that "H" alliteration.

A curious thing struck me near the end - not surprising, in that so much of the show leaves me wondering what's going on by the time an episode ends.

During this episode, Shannon had been helping Sayid in deciphering the French notes of Danielle Rousseau in hopes that they might reveal a clue as to what the island was all about.

Shannon remarked that there was something familiar about the phrases and then it finally occurred to her. They were the lyrics to a song she heard over and over again on a video belonging to her French boyfriend's son.

And then she began singing the song in French. It was "Beyond The Sea", popularized by Bobby Darin.*

Although sung by Robbie Williams, the song is used in the movie "Finding Nemo".

Yet when Shannon referred to the movie, she only said it was "a fish movie; you know, one of those computer ones".

Why did Shannon dance around the title? It would have been much easier to just say "Finding Nemo", especially as it was a world-wide sensation. There was even a big plagiarism case against it lodged in the French courts before the plane crash.

Shannon always takes the easy way out; you'd think she would have just saved herself the hassle and said "Finding Nemo". And if Sayid still didn't understand, tough guppies.

I would have thought that at least behind the scenes, some synergy should have been employed. Especially as ABC - who broadcasts 'Lost' - is owned by Disney.

Ah, but Disney was basically just the distributor for "Finding Nemo"; Pixar was the animation company that created it.

And Disney and Pixar are having a parting of the ways. The evil empire of the rodent probably didn't want to give Pixar any more publicity, even though Disney would still reap profits from the movie.

I guess it's just a case of cutting off the nose to spite the fish......

["Beyond The Sea" was the favorite song of Dana Scully's father. He was a Navy man.... Was he somehow involved with the mystery of the island before he died?

Remember what his clone up in Twin Peaks said - "The owls are not what they seem......"

Okay, I'm rambling now.....]


* Good timing in the use of the song "Beyond The Sea" since the movie starring Kevin Spacey as Darin is now out in the theatres.

Bad timing with the sequence at the beginning, in which the beach was being destroyed by large waves. Everyone affected by the tsunami - and there are still 2,500 Americans alone missing from it - must have had some uneasy emotional responses to it.

And just a reminder - if you haven't already, please help in whatever you can with the disaster relief programs of the charity of your choice.


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