Saturday, January 1, 2005



2005 marks my half-century in the Real World. [I've been a part of Toobworld since 1961, when I received my Citizen of Joyville certificate from 'The Hap Richards Show'.]

I'm cool with the idea of turning fifty. I know that inside, I'm still fifteen. In fact, I think my voice is finally changing!

But it does give me the excuse to expand the Birthday Honors Roll for the TV Crossover Hall of Fame so that it runs the entire year.

Some of the past inductees on the Birthday Honors List might not have made it into the Hall of Fame otherwise.

Some of their qualifications are less than official; in all but name they might have appeared in other shows. (Like Dr. Miguelito Loveless)

Some of them depend on connections to the movie universe. (There will be at least one of those this coming year.)

And others have been inducted in the past for their contributions to the world of TV in general. (Suzie MacNamara had only two series under her belt, but as she took place in the crossover that's generally accepted as the first, she got special notice.)

For 2005, you can expect to see off-the-wall honorees every month of the year.

And an especially odd - yet apt! - choice will be made for the actual Birthday Honors berth.

Stay tuned!


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