Thursday, December 30, 2004


In my own small, bloggish way, I'd like to pay tribute to Jerry Orbach.

Much has already been written about his popularity as Detective Lennie Briscoe during his 12 year run on 'Law & Order'. But he also made another contribution to the TV Universe with the spin-off of his recurring character from 'Murder, She Wrote': 'The Law & Harry McGraw'.

In his memory, the 2006 roster for the TV Crossover Hall of Fame will be devoted entirely to inducting 'Law & Order' characters. (2005 has already been set in stone, due to a personal milestone.)

And as January is dedicated to TV classics, there could be no better inauguration for such a theme than Lennie Briscoe.


Mike: Get this return address: "476 Avenue Bearing the Initial of Our Lord into the New Kingdom."
Lennie: Great. This time of day it's gonna' take us an hour to get downtown.
Mike: Since when do you have a roadmap to heaven?
Lennie: I don't. But I've been up and down Avenue C.
['Law & Order']

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