Sunday, October 17, 2004


re: the 555-TOOB essay:

I can date 555- back to at least 1967. In the Batman episode which crossed over with Green Hornet, Bruce Wayne and Britt Reid are sitting at a table during a fashion show and each is being hit on by models. One tells Van Williams' character when he asks the price, "5,555,555", then explains it is her number (555-5555) not the cost of the dress.

Just for trivia info,
re: the Debate Strategery essay,
I heard from a friend who related the duck story and who gave me permission to use it:

I thought it fit right in – cool!

I like that tribble-self-impregnation. I’ve been trying to do a similar thing for years with no luck LOL.

The blog is great, Toby. But I miss your posts to the IDD...
-stephanie twogeeks


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