Saturday, October 23, 2004


It didn't take long to hear from my friend Hugh on the topic of that alternate TV Land: Earth Prime-Time Delayed.

Here are his thoughts and questions:

Ok, I understand that the movie Batman (1989) and TV Batman are two different "worlds." Same for the movies vs. televersions of My Favorite Martian and Car 54. However, what do you do with MASH, where the tele-version and cineversions share an identical Radar?

There have often been those holding that the show Trapper John, MD is actually connected to the movie, not the tv show, yet the link for these Radars should put all of them into the same world. Thus, the different looking Hawkeyes would have to be explained away, but that's not that hard to fathom. Nor is it tough to deal with Trapper John looking like Wayne Rogers while in Korea but like Pernell Roberts in the US--time has passed.

As far as the Addams Family sequences, there's an interesting cross of worlds. The original series, which also had a reunion tv movie in the late 1970s, connects to two animated versions, one from the 1970s (when Jackie Coogan returned to voice Uncle Fester and Ted Cassidy returned to voice Lurch) and one from the 1990s because of the movies (with John Astin returning to his most famous role). Thus, those two animated versions and the original sitcom are part of the same televerse, plus Scooby Doo featured that 1970s animated show, so many other series are in that connection.

There were two theatrical films, followed by Addams Family Reunion, made for cable--as Carel Struycken recreated his cinematic Lurch in it, those tie together, and the girl playing Wednesday in it also played that role on The New Addams Family. The cineverse and Prime Time Delayed connect here, and there's a potential link/near zonk from Earth Prime Time, as John Astin played Grandpapa Addams on it.

Just some thoughts,

So how about you? Do you have any thoughts on how to solve these contradictions? Let me know!


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