Sunday, September 5, 2004


This just in - the first big prime-time crossover alert has been announced!

NBC has always been a safe haven for the concept of the Toobworld Dynamic ('Law & Order'/'Homicide: Life On The Street', 'ER'/'Third Watch', nearly all of their Must See TV sitcoms with each other). And according to Entertainment Weekly, the home of the Peacock has another one in the works.

Three of the main characters from 'Las Vegas' will travel east to Beantown for a 'Crossing Jordan' crossover. Meanwhile, Jerry O'Connell's character of Woody is joining the Boston-based forensics drama as a regular; and he'll be joining Jordan and Macy for a trip to the gambling mecca of the United States.

This will all happen during Sweeps. But of course. When else?

Now.... if there was only a way to work Detective John Munch into the storyline.....

Toby O'B3

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