Friday, September 24, 2004


In the debut episode of 'CSI: NY', the "survivor" of a madman's experiments was taken to Angel of Mercy Hospital.

This must be the hospital where the patients in all of the NYC-based dramas go in the series premieres. In the very first episode of 'Third Watch', Jerry Mankowitzwas taken to Angel of Mercy Hospital while the show's cast stood by in in vigil.

And while doing the research into that bit of trivia, I found a disturbing link which involved the Angel of Mercy Hospital in Los Angeles. The hospital serves mostly the black community in the inner city district, and it's operated on a shoestring budget by the county.

But that's only what they want you to think. In truth, LA's Angel of Mercy Hospital is run by a spy organization known as SD-6. Sloane, the leader of the rogue operation, must have figured that SD-6 wouldn't attract much attention with its own hospital in such a woeful urban area. The CIA finally learned of the connection once undercover agent Sydney Bristow was flown there from Buenos Aires for medical attention.

Angel of Mercy, NYC - 'CSI: NY' & 'Third Watch'
Angel of Mercy, LA - 'City of Angels' & 'Alias'


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