Wednesday, July 17, 2019


From Wikipedia:
[In the 1930s,] Dave the Dude is a successful, very superstitious New York City gangster who buys apples from street peddler Apple Annie to bring him good luck. On the eve of a very important meeting, he finds Annie terribly upset.

Annie, it turns out, has a daughter named Louise, who was sent to a school in Europe as a child, but is now a grown woman. Louise believes her mother to be wealthy socialite Mrs. E. Worthington Manville, and she is bringing her aristocratic fiancé Carlos and his father, Count Alfonso Romero, to meet her.

Dave's good-hearted girlfriend Queenie Martin persuades him to help Annie continue her charade.   When Dave keeps postponing a meeting with an extremely powerful gangster to help Annie, his right-hand man Joy Boy becomes increasingly exasperated.  

Because of Joyboy, I want to absorb “Pocketful of Miracles” into the TV Universe.  Why not?  The Cineverse wouldn’t have need of it; that fictional universe already had the better version, “Apple For A Day”. 

But Toobworld wouldn’t have need of Joyboy until 1962 when he would be about 64 years old.  By then he’d be looking something like this:

Why would this be of any import?

‘Mister Ed’
“House Party”

In 1963, Ed turned nine years old (sixty in human years) and he wanted Wilbur Post to throw him a birthday party.  One of the horses there was named Joy Boy….

In those thirty-odd years since the events of the movie, it could be that Joyboy (or Joy Boy, whatever) moved to California.  And maybe he kept his interests in the “game” by dabbling in horse-racing.  Fixing races?  Heavens forfend!    
But he could have picked up an old race horse which was named after him…..


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