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Keeping with the theme for March, we have another member of the League of Themselves to induct into Television Crossover Hall of Fame....

From Wikipedia:
Louis Diamond Phillips (born February 17, 1962) is an American actor and director. His breakthrough came when he starred as Ritchie Valens in the biographical drama film “La Bamba” (1987). For the Academy Award–nominated “Stand and Deliver” (1988), Phillips was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and won an Independent Spirit Award. He made his Broadway debut with the 1996 revival of “The King and I”, earning a Tony Award nomination for his portrayal of King Mongkut of Siam. Phillips' other notable films include “Young Guns” (1988), “Young Guns II” (1990), “Courage Under Fire“ (1996), “The Big Hit” (1998), “Che” (2008) and “The 33” (2015). In the television series ‘Longmire’, he played a main character, Henry Standing Bear.

Even though he appeared in three episodes of ‘Cougar Town’ as himself, that still only counts as one credit towards his total.  So he just squeaks by for membership with the minimum number of requirements.  This is a good reason as to why I started the Friday Hall of Famers – by the time I might have come around to inducting him as a monthly showcase… well, I might not have been around to do it.

- Fielding Offers

From the IMDb:
Arliss treks to Canada in an effort to steal a hockey team; Rita fights aging with an alternative therapy.

O’Bservation – Based on the summary and these pictures, it looks like Arliss met up with Lou Diamond Phillips while he was playing pool and somehow got involved in the  hockey scheme… to detrimental effect.

He could be known for playing pool.  At one point he appeared in an episode of ‘Ball-Breakers’ in which celebrities played billiards. 

“Grandpa's Place“ (2004) 

O’Bservation – this looks to have been a special that was a spoof of the old-time children’s shows.  Ed Lauter was the star.

Cougar Town
- Lonesome Sundown

From the IMDb:
Laurie creates a new "council" for the crew to hand out punishments, Jules spends the weekend on Bobby's boat to win a bet, and Grayson tries to stop Travis from proposing. 

- Free Fallin' (2011)

From the IMDb:
Jules and Bobby try to get Travis out of his funk and get him to return to college, Bobby contemplates selling his Penny Can business to a big corporation, and Grayson deals with the creepy neighborhood "chalk children."  

O’Bservation - This episode confirms that the televersion of Lou Diamond Phillips is not only an actor but that he actually did act in “Young Guns” and “Young Guns II”

- Have Love Will Travel (2013)

From the IMDb:
The gang takes Chick to Hollywood after learning of his health issues; Laurie and Travis try to set up the perfect first kiss.  

You're the Worst
- Dad-Not-Dad

From the IMDb:
Lindsay reconnects to a former father figure.
O’Bservation – Another confirmation of Phillips’ movie career, going all the way back to his breakout role with Lindsey referring to Lou Diamond Phillips as her "La Bamba Dad."  

Lindsay and her sister Becca realized that they were happiest when their mother Faye was shacking up with Lou Diamond Phillips so they went in search of him.

You were doing foot sex with Lou Diamond Phillips instead of paying attention to us!
Am I supposed to feel something about that?
Maybe regret that your daughters - One more than the other, obviously - Are broken because of you.
Lou and I happened to have had explosive sexual chemistry. He could make me climax by whispering in my ear.

[At Lou Diamond Phillips’ estate]

Hey! - Stay away from those lemons! Just because they're hanging over the sidewalk, doesn't mean they're free! You people act like I don't need these lemons, but I do.  I need them very badly!
It's Becca and Lindsay....  Cottumaccio.
You railed our mom.
Sorry, you railed our mother, in the '90s?
Oh, my God.
Becca? Lindsay?

[Later they were enjoying lemonade on Phillips’ patio.]

Oh Mmm! This is good.
It's Country Time.
My lemons aren't juicing lemons.
So what happened?
I loved your mom.

And when she left me, I was devastated.

I couldn't even stay in the city anymore.
Everything reminded me of her.

One day, I'm sitting on my lanai, watching my gardeners, and I thought to myself, "That's what I want to do.”

So, I told my agent, "From now on, I'm offer-only," and I moved out here, and I put all my energy into my lemon grove.

One thing I know for sure: lemons won't ever walk out on me.

[The girls went back to confront their mother.]

He told us you forbidded him from ever contacting us.
Well? It's true.  I did.
Why would you do that?
Because I could see how close you all were getting, and I knew it wasn't going to last between Lou and me.
I did it to protect you.

That’s the sign of a great televersion – the fictional Lou Diamond Phillips’ life could never have happened in the Real World.
At least I don't think so.....

Who knows?  Maybe there will be other series in which Phillips will show up playing himself.  But it’ll be tough to beat being the father figure for Lindsay and Becca.

But at any rate, welcome to the Hall, Lou!


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