Tuesday, October 23, 2018



Nick and Nora Charles were visiting the Vandrey Modern Art Museum when they learned that a collection of valuable coins had been stolen from the museum’s safe.  Businessman August Vandrey, who financed the museum, described one of the stolen coins as a "Prince John Tuppence" (two pence), supposedly "a commemorative struck off in the year 1215 for the signing of the Magna Carta".

I think that by the 1960s, the Vandrey Modern Art Museum expanded their scope and exhibited the old classics as well in limited exhibitions.  Including Degas pastels….


Dale Kingston:
I'm an art critic. You're the detective. 
Lt. Columbo:  
You're the art critic. 
Dale Kingston:  
That's right. 
Lt. Columbo:  
And I'm gonna need a lot of your help. I suppose you noticed that already. 
Uh, like in there, there's two little frames and they're empty, 
and there doesn't seem to be anything around that fits inside. 

Dale Kingston:  
Oh, no. 
Lt. Columbo:  
Now, Mr. Evans wasn't quite sure either. 
He thought that one of 'em had some dancing girls. 
But I don't think he knows much about art either. 
He also said that a lot of these things had just been rehung. 
That they'd just come back from some kind of a traveling exhibit? 

Dale Kingston:  
Yes, that's what those crates are out in the hall there.

So it was a traveling exhibit….  Why couldn’t it have gone to the Vandrey Modern Art Museum for a limited exhibition?

I can’t see anything which might invalidate such a supposition….


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