Thursday, September 13, 2018


On August 30th, 2006, Los Angeles Lakers basketball player Luke Walton showed up in Genoa City, Wisconsin.  There he  played a game of one-on-one basketball with Neil Winters.  According to Peter Bergman, who plays Jack Abbott on 'Young & The Restless', "Walton was a nervous wreck. Even if you're an actor, soaps are difficult because we work at a quick pace."

O'Bviously, the LA Lakers exist in Toobworld, even if you dismissed the telecasts of their games on TV.  They were mentioned on 'The Big Bang Theory' once, as an example:


Got you a little something, too. 
Aw. Jewelry? Oh, my God. Lakers tickets?! 
It gets better. 
Instead of me, you can take someone
who will actually enjoy it. 

Aw! You are the best boyfriend ever. Thank you. 
Seriously, please don't make me go.

Luke Walton has another appearances as himself in a TV show - he was a celebrity guest contestant on an episode of 'Wheel of Fortune' during its "NBA Week 1" in 2005.

'Wheel of Fortune' exists in Toobworld, thanks to so many references to it in other TV shows.  Clips from the game show can be seen in over ten different series while over forty TV shows mention it as being a part of their characters' lives.  'The Goldbergs' and Dustin from 'Stranger Things' even have the home version board game!  But best of all, characters from the following shows actually appeared on 'Wheel of Fortune':

  • '227'
  • 'Gimme A Break'
  • 'LA Law'
  • 'The A-Team'
(The mother of a main character on 'Til Death' only got so far as the try-outs; she got a nice coffee maker for the effort.)

Even more impressive, Nina Van Horn (of 'Just Shoot Me') saw her name used as the solution to a puzzle on the show.

So all of those shows can connect to 'Young & The Restless' through Luke Walton being on 'Wheel of Fortune'.

This is a Thursday Theory of Relateeveety, soap opera style, and I'm using Luke Walton not because he can make a connection via family, but through his other family - his teammates.

As with the televersion of Luke Walton being accepted as part of the Lakers, that would hold true for his teammates.
From 2005 to 2007 (the years key to that appearance on 'Young & The Restless'), Luke Walton was on the Lakers team with Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom.  And because of his association with those two players, his appearance on 'Young & The Restless' could be linked to the TV shows they appeared in as themselves.

So, because of Kobe Bryant being on the same team with Luke Walton, 'Young & The Restless' can be connected to:
  • 'Modern Family'
  • 'Sister, Sister'
  • 'Hang Time'
  • 'Bette'
  • 'Arli$$'
  • 'In The House'
And also to 'The View', which is considered "reality" being a talk show.  It is still incorporated into Toobworld because a character from 'SportsNight' appeared as a guest on the show.

As for Lamar Odom, he can link 'Young & The Restless' through his teammate to 'Entourage' and 'Arli$$' like Kobe did as well.

So there's that.

As Lt. Columbo would say, just one more thing: Luke Walton's number as a Lakers star was "4", part of the Valenzetti sequence number.....

Until next time....

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