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The plan for the month of September is to have the Friday Hall of Famers to be soap opera characters deserving of the honor.  And who better to kick it off than the very first soap opera character to do a crossover?  And appropriately, he was a favorite of his "creator", our monthly showcase Hall of Famer, Irna Phillips.


"If Mitchell Dru doesn't think you have a case,
What makes you think somebody else will?"
Penny Hughes Cunningham Baker
'As The World Turns'

From the IMDb:
Trivia: Mr. Lumb was the first actor (and one of the few to ever) appear on three different soap operas playing the same character. He played attorney "Mitchell Dru" on 'The Brighter Day' (1954), 'As the World Turns' (1956) and 'Another World' (1964).

From the 'Another World' Homepage:

Last Appearance: May 20, 1971

Portrayer: Geoffrey Lumb, November 11, 1964 - May 20, 1971.

Arrival: Contacted by Jim Matthews (RIP) to defend Pat Randolph on a murder charge.

Departure: Left to go on an around-the-world tour.

Introduction Scene: Startled awake by the phone, "Must have fallen asleep again."

Exit Scene: At his farewell party to a crowd, "And I swear I’ll be back... because I do love you all so much...."

Other Whereabouts: Oakdale ('As the World Turns'), Columbus ('The Brighter Day').

Former Occupation: Law partner of John Randolph (RIP). Professor of Law.

Note: A favorite of creator Irna Phillips, Dru also appeared on 'As the World Turns' and 'The Brighter Day', before crossing over to AW. The last-known reference to Dru was on May 9, 1975.

The early days of the soap opera genre are ancient history now.  And it's hard to find information of a particular character of any substance from back then.  So I'm afraid this bare essence look at his career must serve.

But it is enough to recognize the contribution Geoffrey Lumb made with his portrayal of Mitchell Dru as the very first soap opera crossover character.

.Welcome to the Television Crossover Hall of Fame, Mr. Dru!

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