Tuesday, April 24, 2018


From one of the Facebook pages dedicated to 'Murdoch Mysteries':

Lisa Dornell

I love finding Murdoch bloopers. My favorite is in the episode "Monsieur Murdoch." When William and that dishy French detective find the body they both make the sign of the cross. Only the French guy crosses wrong.

Another TV character who noticeably makes the Sign of the Cross in reverse is Charlie Pace just before he died in 'Lost'.  

The TV Universe is a visual medium with the lives of its inhabitants sometimes controlled by unseen Powers That Be.  These "deities" can manipulate Time, causing characters to move at increased speeds, or slow them down and even freeze them in place.  Sometimes the color of the surroundings and the people could be drained away, perhaps leaving only one item left with color.

And as we saw with the astronauts Gart, Forbes, and Harrington, they could be blinked out of existence.

So since it is a visual medium with "deities" manipulating it, perhaps it's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that both Charlie Pace and Marcel Guillaume were reversed in place by one of those Powers That Be - so that now it only looked like they were blessing themselves in reverse.

Too far-fetched?  Yeah... you're probably right.  More than likely Charlie opened himself up to Faith at the end of his life, but didn't have the basic rudimentary knowledge in performing the traditional gestures.  As for Monsieur Gulliaume, perhaps he was just bonding with Detective Murdoch, showing deference by copying the Sign of the Cross without realizing that he was doing it wrong.


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