Tuesday, March 13, 2018



The week before, “Rm9sbG93ZXJz” gave us an actual TV show - 'The Six Million Dollar Man', now a syndicated repeat on Mulder's TV.  This is not a Zonk, because forty years now, the Lee Majors sci-fi action show is considered historical.  By this point in time, everybody in Toobworld knows that the "real" Steve Austin is a cyborg, although too old now to be a full-time operative for the OSS.  

But back then in the early 1970s, the TV show as seen by the citizens of Toobworld was fictionalized from the "reality" which the Trueniverse audience got to see in the real show.  And this was done in order to keep the truth about Steve Austin a secret.  Should anyone actually have seen Colonel Austin in action, their stories would have been discredited as delusions based on a TV series.  This "swamp gas weather balloon" was the brainchild of a secret ops agency known as "UNReal", which had been masking such activity in books, movies, and TV shows since the late 19th Century (taking their cue from the writings of Dr. John Watson about his collaborations with Sherlock Holmes.)

Here are other shows - found only in Earth Prime-Time - which have mentioned 'The Six Million Dollar Man':

  • 'Coronation Street'
  • 'The King of Queens'
  • 'Grey's Anatomy'
  • 'Dead Like Me'
  • 'Eureka'
  • 'Jake 2.0'
  • 'Parks & Recreation
  • 'Blue Mountain State'
  • 'Stargate SG1'
  • '30 Rock'
  • 'Freaks & Geeks'
  • 'Sex And The City'
  • 'Weird Science'
  • 'Diagnosis Murder'
  • 'The Outer Limits'
  • 'Just Shoot Me'
  • 'Limitless'
  • 'EastEnders'
  • 'Boy Meets World'
  • 'Kyle XY'
  • 'Entourage'
  • 'The Office'
  • 'Scrubs'
  • 'Extras'
  • 'Broadchurch'
  • 'Odyssey 5'
  • 'The Incredible Hulk'
  • 'Rhoda'
  • 'Diff'rent Strokes'
  • 'Forever Knight'
  • 'All In The Family'
  • 'The Charmings'
  • 'Knight Rider'
  • 'Good Times'
  • 'The Last of the Summer Wine'
  • 'The Fosters'
  • 'The Muppet Show'
  • 'Charlie's Angels'
  • 'Sanford and Son'
These are only from the main Toobworld.  I have not included any from Skitlandia, the Tooniverse, the Borderlands, or any other TV dimension.


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