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A few days ago, this was posted in the Batman '66 Facebook page......

Brian Sapp:
Ok so we all know Batman 66 was designed to be campy. That being said name (Just ONE person) from the time period that would have made a very memorable villain. I have a list but at the top of that list stands the one and only Jackie Gleason.

There were a lot of great answers and this is the one I came up with:

Why not an ABC crossover for Sweeps Week? Bring back Carolyn Jones as Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, and have her try to team up with Endora from 'Bewitched'. Of course, I'm sure that William Asher and the production team of 'Bewitched' would insist that Endora would eventually join Batman and Robin... albeit reluctantly. (For good measure, have Carolyn Jones appear in a cameo as Morticia.)

I've been thinking about the idea since then and I want to flesh it out some more.

I still think that - evil as she is - Endora would not be a villainess towards Batman and Robin, even though Agnes Moorehead would have nailed it.  But as I stated, ABC and the 'Bewitched' producers would never have allowed it.  So we'd have to take a different bat-path.

Marsha's Aunt Hilda looked just like Aunt Enchantra from 'Bewitched', but only in one episode - "Witches And Warlocks Are My Favorite Things."  (Diana Chesney would later play Enchantra in the episode "Adam - Warlock or Washout."  The splainin?  Enchantra used her magic to alter her appearance, just as Samantha Stephens used a similar spell to change her husband Darrin's visage.  Sam also used the spell on Louise Tate and Gladys Kravitz as a practice test to make sure that it worked.)

I think there was a specific reason why Endora and her friends were so spiteful toward Darrin Stephens being a mortal married to a witch.  It was because they already had personal experience in what a mistake that could be.  


It's my theory that Enchantra was the mother of Hilda, and that Hilda's father was a mortal.  Her powers were not as strong as those of her mother and she made a lot of mistakes.  She was the aunt of Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, and I think that the family connection doesn't have Enchantra involved.  Her mortal lover left her and married a human woman instead.  Their son would have been Hilda's mortal half-brother and was the father of Marsha.  

So that's the way the plot would evolve - trying yet again to bring down the Dynamic Duo, Marsha and Aunt Hilda drew the ire of the Witches' Council.  Hilda's bumbling attempts at witchcraft had become a problem, especially since she looked just like her mother.  It would have caused problems for Enchantra the next time she materialized at some public event.

Acting as the ambassdor for the Witches' Council, Endora would have acted to remove them both as a threat against the lives of the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder.  It would have been just a cameo, with Agnes Moorehead stepping in as the deus ex machina to wrap up the crime spree of Marsha and Hilda.

Well....  Maybe it doesn't seem like much in that form, but I imagine a clever fanficcer might be able to flesh it out.  Any batficcers out there who might want to give it a try?


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