Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Voice on Speaker: 
Welcome to Burger Barn; 
How may I help you?

Someday when I put more places into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, this will be an end-of-year Multidimensional - Burger Barn!

Burger Barn has been seen in at least four shows so far, three of which are found in Earth Prime-Time.  The other one is from Skitlandia.  It's O'Bviously a national chain, but probably not connected to any real Burger Barns in the Trueniverse.

'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody'
Comedy about identical twins living at the Tipton Hotel with their single mother who is a lounge singer at the hotel.

Zack Martin: 
It says, this is the same stuff used by the CIA!
Cody Martin: 
Cool! Where did you get it?
Zack Martin: 
Burger Barn!

'My Secret Identity'
The adventures of a superpowered teen and his scientist friend.  14-year-old Andrew Clements, who while looking one day for his friend, Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate (McGrath), trips and is hit by a photon beam, causing him to develop superpowers. He uses these abilities to fight crime, to solve personal problems, and to help others. He hides his powers from his mother, sister, and friends with the exception of Jeffcoate. Andrew initially called himself Ultraman, but this was later dropped.

Look, I have to walk home from school,
And you have to walk home from school.
Why don't we walk home together?
I can't do that....
But I can meet you at the Burger Barn at five o'clock.

'Days Of Our Lives'
Barney's Burger Barn was mentioned in May 2000. Alice wanted to take Shawn Douglas there so they wouldn't intrude on Bo and Hope's romantic dinner.

Although we never saw Buddy's Burger Barn, we saw Vivian and Ivan's costumes when they got jobs here during the summer of 1997. Vivian was dressed as fries while Ivan was a burger. Ivan had to say, "Bigger Better Beefy Buddy Burger," while Vivian said "Free French fries" as she handed out discount coupons for fries. The Burger Barn is mentioned often when people talk about grabbing a quick meal. Apparently when Jenn was in Africa, she craved Buddy's food, especially the "double deluxe explosion" burgers (1/2 beef, 1/2 pork, cheeseburger with a mountain of fries)

I think both establishments were the same business but which underwent a name change once the ownership.

And the fast-food franchise also exists in the sketch comedy dimension.....


'Saturday Night Live'
This restaurant was featured in a sketch titled "Burger Barn Drive-Thru", which aired during the May 18, 1991 episode hosted by George Wendt.

If you ever find yourself in Toobworld and feeling a bit peckish, why not drive up to the window at Burger Barn?


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