Tuesday, November 21, 2017



Do you know where this is?

The CW had a feeling you might not know, so....

At the end of this episode, Zari ("She Who Must Not Be Named Isis") was supposed to return Helen to Troy so that the timeline for Comix Toobworld-DC1 could get another fix-it patch.  But after hearing how sad Helen was to be a plaything and a bargaining chip for men, the Legend decided to reset the coordinates for the Waverider's shuttle and bring Helen back in time to this idyllic island, home of the Amazons, where she could pursue whatever interests she favored without interference from the opposite sex.  As Helen faded from History/Legend without any more reference as to what happened to her, Zari thought her decision would be a safe one.

As any fan* of Wonder Woman knows,Themyscira is the birthplace of Diana.  But Themyscira is multiversal and exists in many fictional universes, O'Bviously found most often in the world of comic books.  Even though this might be the same CGI(?) location as used in this summer's blockbuster movie about the Amazonian princess, Helen shouldn't disembark expecting to find Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.  Her incarnation of Diana exists in the Cineverse, and only one dimension of that as the current run of DC movies are in a different world from those in which so many other Supermen and Batmen can be found.  

The Cineverse of DC has no connection to the current spate of TV shows on the CW, either, which was made evident with the release of the "Justice League" - they have a different actor playing the Flash.  And this island paradise is somewhat different from that found in the main Toobworld where Wonder Woman first spun into action.  There Themyscira was known as Paradise Island.  

Maybe one day Wonder Woman will show up in the CW; maybe Gal Gadot will even play the role.  But until then, this world of Themyscira must not be mistaken for any other incarnation of the location.


*Hi Rob Buckley, Mark Thompson, and Cousin Coco!!

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