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Here is the second post for our Two For Tuesday celebration of Earl Cameron's 100th birthday.....

Earl Cameron appeared four times in the TV series 'Secret Agent'.  We dealt with one of them in the earlier post for today's celebration.  These two roles figure in this next theory of "relateeveety":

'Secret Agent'
The Galloping Major (1964) ... Kassawari
Loyalty Always Pays (1965) ... Prime Minister

With both of those episodes, the African country was not named.  Because the two were broadcast so closely to each other, and with different prime ministers in each, I hesitate to claim they were the same country.  And I don't want to say that either one of them was the Nyamba Protectorate, which appeared in an earlier 'Danger Man' episode.  (I have yet to see that particular episode and for alls I know, there might be some Zonks in making such a claim.)

Here are the African nations found in Toobworld which I have collected so far:

African East Victoria ("Mission: Impossible")
Bahari ('Scorpion')
Bocamo ("Mission: Impossible")
Kalunga ("Man In A Suitcase")
Katara ("The Six Million Dollar Man")
Kembu ("Jake 2.0")
Ghalea ("Mission: Impossible")
Limbawe ("Airwolf")
Mamuno ("Law & Order")
N'Shoba ("Capitol")
Naranga ("Rumpole Of The Bailey")
The Nyamba Protectorate ("Danger Man")
Topango ("The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.")
Watada ("Leverage")
Western Natumba/Natsumba ("The Man From U.N.C.L.E.")
Zembutiko ("It Takes A Thief")

Usually I would choose Naranga, mainly because of my love for Horace Rumpole.  But it's not the only reason I'm going to choose it again as the nation from "Loyalty Always Pays".  It's because it had a pronounced British influence from its years as part of the Empire.  The Prime Minister himself called in the assistance of M9 who sent John Drake.

As for the country where Kassawari was the security chief, I used the same reasoning.  From its very name, African East Victoria summons the colonial era in the latter part of the 19th Century.

So with the two nations established - at least as far as my vision of Toobworld is concerned - let's take a look at the Prime Minister and Security Chief Kassawari.

In the Africa of Toobworld, tribal membership supersedes national allegiance. Members of the same tribe could be found in several of the fictional countries which can only be found on the maps of Earth Prime-Time.  And that would especially be true with twin brothers.

While his brother was intent on his path to political power, Kassawari sought his fortunes in the military.  He enlisted in the army where he rose through the ranks until he became a general at an earlier age than expected.  He specialized in intelligence gathering and when he retired for the armed forces, his services were widely sought and not just within the borders of Naranga.  After consulting with his brother, who was pursuing the position of Prime Minister of Naranga, Kassawari accepted the offer to head the security forces of neighboring nation African East Victoria.  

Kassawari not only was working for that nation and in conjunction with the United Kingdom, but in a way he was also a double agent, reporting to his twin brother back in Naranga.

Unfortunately, the dangerous nature of his profession proved to be his undoing.....

This has all been conjecture, of course.  But it's considered valid for my own private realm of Toobworld.

Happy birthday, Earl Cameron.  All the best as you celebrate your century!


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