Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The new incarnation of 'Twin Peaks' is loaded with cameos by actors usually known for larger roles in big screen productions or just famous in their own right for their past work - Richard Chamberlain, Candy Clark, Meg Foster are just some of the "blink and you'll miss them" who have been seen so far in the series.

If I didn't check the credits for the latest episode, Part 11, to find Alicia Witt (whose first two roles were in Lynch productions - "Dune" and the first incarnation of 'Twin Peaks'), I might never have discovered that Lauren Tewes did a quick scene as Stephen Burnett's neighbor.

Prime-Time marches on, which is why I didn't recognize her.  It's been twenty years since we last saw Cruise Director Julie McCoy of the Pacific Princess and that was in an episode of the spin-off which starred Robert Urich in his last starring role.

Julie McCoy is eligible for membership in the Television Crossover Hall of Fame officially.  She has about 200 episodes of 'The Love Boat' to her credit, along with 'The Love Boat' spin-off appearance and guest shots on 'Charlie's Angels' and 'Martin'.

So I'm thinking: what would it hurt if we added this quick cameo from 'Twin Peaks' to her tally?

Like I said, it's been twenty years since we saw her last.  Perhaps after a failed romance (or two) Julie McCoy decided to move to Twin Peaks, Washington.  And there she's lived a quiet life, perhaps calling on her social director skills for a new career, maybe even using those skills in public service for the elderly citizens like Carl Rodd.

I don't think we're going to see Ms. Tewes again as the Neighbor.  (And that's how she was credited, no name listed.)  So where's the harm in thinking that it was Julie McCoy living in that apartment next to 208?


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Frenchie séverine said...

My gosh! Julie or Lauren Cynthia tewes the nice and lovely cruise director of the LOve boat aged badly. It is sad and the first time i saw her on the love boat Reunion around 2013 i had a shock. She lived bad times when she was younger and unfortunately fought against a cocaine addiction she won and that's a good thing but she's not the nice looking Julie anymore.She has studied cooking in a special school and i heard that she sells some cheese in a grocery and she still earned her living until recently but some actresses lose their beauty with the years and Lauren Tewes lost it.She seems nice however but it is difficult to recognize the super cute Julie of the love is sad even if i read that she endured a lot of painful personal things like the illness and the death of her last husband. This woman has to hold on to life.