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- Columbo Goes to the Guillotine

... Clergyman

I'm Dying Up Here- Sugar and Spice (2017) 
... Enrico

As always, these are conjectural O'Bservations......

Enrico was a tailor in Los Angeles who had such a gift - not only in exceeding the wishes of his clients in how to bring old clothing to new life, but in allaying their fears and bolstering their self-confidence.  At the very least, he was able to make comedian Cassie feel better about herself back in 1973... and too sexy for that dress at the same time.

Enrico was born around 1907 in Italy and emigrated to the United States just before the Great Depression  After eking out a living in New York by using his skill as a tailor (perhaps a trade he learned from his father back in the old country), he moved to Los Angeles.  Enrico knew there would be great demand for his talent in the movie business, working in the studios' costuming departments.  Most of his career he spent at Monolith and at Mammoth Studios, and he also got to work with the legendary Edith Head on a Nora Chandler movie.

Eventually Enrico decided to go into business for himself and opened his tailor shop.  It was an unassuming storefront, but it was his and he took great pride in it.  And he had his fair share of luminaries as clientele - those who knew him when he was working at the studios and appreciated his deft expertise with a needle.

One reason Enrico started his own business was because he had married and was raising a family.  He had at least one son and it was his dream that his boy should follow him in the trade and one day take over the shop.  But after a childhood spent behind the scenes in the magical world of the movies, that heady experience left Enrico's son hungry for a taste of that same allure.

He had always been fascinated by magic, having met some of the great magicians of the time while hanging out at the studios - everyone from Anthony Blake to Alexander Blacke and even Orson Welles.

But Enrico's son heard another calling as well.  Although he had Faith as did his father, he didn't share his old man's religion.  He sought his own spiritual path and eventually was ordained with a very unorthodox ministry, catering to the needs of fellow performers in the world of illusion and others on the outskirts of show business.

It was in this capacity when we met Enrico's son as he officiated at the 1989 memorial service for the late Max Dyson, better known in their world as "Max The Magnificent."  (Max had been the victim of a gruesome accident while working on a trick guillotine and through an error on his part, he beheaded himself.  At least that's what the gathered mourners at the graveside service believed at the time....)

Enrico passed away around 1980, but his son lives on, only just recently turning 66 years old.

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[Tony Amendola played both Enrico and the magician-minister.  Two for Tuesday!]


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