Wednesday, May 31, 2017


In this continuation of the Inner Toob salute to the Merrillians, those characters played by the late Dina Merrill, I should warn you that there will be spoilers, even though you've had fifty years to see these shows.....

Daniel Boone
- The Tamarack Massacre Affair
Madeline Lorne
Mingo finds a woman, who claims she is the sole survivor of an Indian massacre, wandering alone in the wilderness. Daniel, Mingo, and a Capt. Ives agree to escort her back to safety but they soon discover she has a hidden agenda.

Madeline Lorne was a spy for the British, working with her brother, Captain John Lorne.  While working her scheme, she claimed to be married and that her husband had been murdered during an Indian massacre.  But that, like most of her cover story, was a lie.

I don't know if Madeline Lorne ever married after she was captured.  But I do think she got pregnant and gave birth to a son who was given her maiden name as his surname.  Many generations later, his family tree bore fruit with a telegenetic echo of Madeline Lorne......

- Trail of the Cheetah
Janet Lorne
While a friend, Janet Lorne, is visiting, an escaped murderer is reported in the area of the Wameru reserve.

The sins of her ancestress should not have to be visited upon Janet.  I'm hoping she survived this episode.  Pretty sure she did, after all it was a family-friendly series.  

O'BSERVATION: I'm afraid the small film clip I found from this episode was washed out from being many generations old.


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