Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I wish I was paying more attention when I first started watching the "Aurora Teagarden" marathon last week on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel.  According to Wikipedia, Charlaine Harris has set her series of novels in the town of Laurenceton, Georgia.  But it's become O'Bvious to me (hence that spelling!) that the TV movies are still in Laurenceton, but it's located in the Pacific Northwest, most likely Washington state with mentions of Seattle but within hailing distance of Portland, Oregon.  

This became most evident with "The Julius House" movie: a lot of talk about tracking a man in a white car in Portland and finding a few people of interest in Seattle.....

There was a character named Robin Daniels in the second movie, "Real Murders", based on the first book in the series.  Daniels was a mystery novelist who was just moving in to Laurenceton, and I think he was a Canadian ex-patriate, so he really wasn't moving too far from the home country if he was now in Washington state.

My reasoning for this is because one of his books was "Temagami Death" by Daniels.  Temagami is located in northern Ontario region.

At any rate, here's another reason why I don't absorb books into the Toobworld Dynamic; from Georgia to Washington/Oregon, that's a pretty big discrepancy in location!


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