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An actual book from the Trueniverse shows up in 'The Doctor Blake Mysteries', used to illustrate the character of Jean played by Nadine Gardner:

From Wikipedia:
André Simon (28 February 1877 – 5 September 1970) was a French-born wine merchant, gourmet, and prolific writer about wine. Hugh Johnson describes him as "the charismatic leader of the English wine trade for almost all of the first half of the 20th century, and the grand old man of literate connoisseurship for a further 20 years".

He wrote 104 books during his 66-year writing career.  As a Frenchman, his English prose was heavily influenced by the man who gave him his first break in writing – A. S. Gardiner of the Wine Trade Review.  Simon once described a wine as "a girl of fifteen, who is already a great artist, coming on tip-toe and curtsying herself out with childish grace and laughing blue eyes." Hugh Johnson has called Simon's "figures of speech and choice of phrases deliciously oblique"; Michael Broadbent admires the "pure poetry" of his writing, calling Simon his favorite writer.

André Simon died in 1970. He believed that "a man dies too young if he leaves any wine in his cellar"; there were only two magnums of claret left in his personal cellar at his death. On what would have been his 100th birthday in 1977, 400 guests gathered at the Savoy to drink to his memory with Château Latour 1945 that he had left for the occasion.  Despite living in England most of his life, he remained a French citizen and was an Officier de la Légion d'Honneur as well as a CBE.

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