Friday, March 17, 2017


Flynn and Charlene: 
The Murder Harp. 
What's the Murder Harp?
Something Lam just recently acquired for his collection. 
Constructed from the bones from a murdered girl and strung with her hair
It corrupts the soul of all who listen to it.
Tops Jenkins' "Most-Wanted" list.

The wiki for 'The Librarians' theorizes "It is assumed that Flynn and Charlene retrieved this item as it was "on the top of Jenkin's most wanted list."

I'm going to assume it comes from the truth behind some legend in Irish Mythology and perhaps even has a connection to the legends of the Bean Sidhe, better known to us today as the Banshee.

Since it should have some toobworthy as well as magical connotation, I think a fanficcer could make the connection to the harp Peter got from a devil named S. Zero in 'The Monkees' episode "The Devil And Peter Tork".  (This episode is important because it confirms there is more than one Devil.)

Looking at that picture above, I have to say that harp looks pretty ornate to be made entirely out of human bones, but what do I know?  I only used human bones to make my oboe......

What happened to that harp after the Monkees disbanded?  Perhaps Peter sold it eventually to League of Themselves musical group Hothouse Flowers......

Irish band Hothouse Flowers,whose roadie Declan is a friend of Tinker, stay with Lady Jane whilst performing a charity concert but after the gig it seems that events organizer Ray Morgan has decamped with the money. To make up the shortfall the band decide to sell a valuable Celtic harp,but this too is stolen. Lovejoy catches up with Morgan at an auction to recoup the cash but it's down to Tinker to divulge what happened to the harp. 
(From the IMDb)

The writer of this episode of 'The Librarians' may have just tossed off the idea as something horrible in the possession of Sterling Lam which the Librarians needed to retrieve.  And perhaps he wanted something that could be suggestive of Irish mythology.  If so, I think he nailed it.

But I ask you - what good is my Irish heritage if I can't spin a good tale?



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