Tuesday, February 28, 2017


'Barney Miller' 
Henry Jones
- "The Prisoner" (1978) ... Father Clement

Allan Miller
- "Possession" (1981) ... Father Clement

When Barney's marriage was on the rocks in 1978, the Department sent their counselor and chaplain Father Clement to talk with hiim.  Athough aged and a priest, Father Clement had an open, healthy world-view.  About three years later, Father Clement was called in to deal with Stefan Koepekne, who claimed (and acted very convincingly) to be possessed by a demon.  Only this time, Father Clement was a younger man in his forties and somewhat unsure about his abilities to handle the situation and even somewhat doubtful about his calling.

Although actors often came back to 'Barney Miller' over and over again in other roles*, Recastaways were somewhat rare on the show.

But I don't think these two Father Clements were meant to be the same man of God.  It would have been nice had the Clements been in some other profession or faith, but Catholic teachings wouldn't allow for them to be father and son.

But I'm open to the idea that they could be uncle and nephew.  Clement the Younger was probably inspired by the example set by his uncle to follow him into the clergy and then into the police department as well.

So I'm comfortable with this absolution of this particular sin of a Zonk.

Go in peace.....

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