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From Wikipedia:
Heather gets fed up with her name and decides she wants to go by Bianca.

During the episode, Lynn Belvedere remembered the time when Prince Charles wanted to be called "Buzz". 

This may have happened soon after the first Moon landing in July of 1969.  As an impressionable 20 year old at Cambridge, the Prince of Wales may have hero-worshipped astronaut Buzz Aldrin to the point where he wanted to use the same nickname.

Whether or not you consider my splainin to be canon-fodder, the simple fact that Mr. Belvedere mentioned HRH Prince Buzz means that the Heir Presumptive exists in Toobworld.

Eventually Prince Charles will be inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame.  I'm thinking either on his 70th birthday in 2018, or when he's crowned as King, whichever comes first.  (Sorry, Your Majesty, but you can't live forever.)

That mention by Mr. Belvedere would count towards his qualifications.  These other shows would carry more weight because he actually appeared in them as a Royal member of the League of Themselves:

'Dragons' Den'
- The Dragons' Stories: Deborah Meaden (2008) 

It's some form of "reality", but its existence is acknowledged in Toobworld thanks to shows like 'EastEnders', 'Coronation Street', 'Derek', and "The Thick Of It'.

'Coronation Street'
- Episode #1.4945 (2000)
The picture accompanying this post came from that day on the set.

"Dennis Pennis R.I.P." (1997) 
This was direct to video, but Toobworld would probably absorb it.

If you check the IMDb, you'll find this listing for His Royal Highness:

- Morning Side Story (2005) 

But Prince Charles doesn't seem to have had anything to do with this New Zealand cartoon episode, probably not with any episode in the series.  Somebody stuck in a ringer.  I just watched the episode online and I doubt the Prince would have had anything to do with it.  ('Twas funny, though....)


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