Saturday, December 17, 2016


My second favorite TV murder mystery series is 'Burke's Law'.  When it was on during the afternoons in syndication when I was a teenager, I used to O'Bsess over figuring out before Captain Burke as to who the killer was.  I thought I had it pegged as being the one suspect who got three scenes or more during the episode.  But having watched the DVD boxed sets in my dotage, I see I was wrong with that theory.  (And it wasn't very good detective work either.)

At any rate, for today's Saturday Comics, here are some images from the 'Burke's Law' of the Comic Book Universe.  

Gotta get a catchy name for that world....


The character of Amos Burke is dead now in Toobworld, like the actor who played him.  I wish there was another show on the air like it.....


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