Thursday, December 22, 2016


I think I know who these guys are.
It's the Jötnar. They're frost giants.
When Von Erickson wrote "prime frost," it wasn't a "P".
It was an Elder Futhark rune, "Thurs,"
long associated with the frost giants....
A race of Norse gods, troublemakers,
their most famous ancestor being Loki.
'The Librarians'
"And The Reunion of Evil"

The knee-jerk reaction might be to link the show to the Marvel TV/Movie Universe with the mention of Loki.  But that's one of the Borderlands, at best it's Comix Toobworld.  But that version of the "Thor" mythos is not to be found in the main Toobworld.  There we rely on shows like 'The Incredible Hulk', 'Lost In Space', and 'Hercules: The Incredible Journeys'.  

Loki didn't show up in this episode of 'The Librarians', only name-checked.  But he did show up in 'Hercules':

Even if he had, there would be no problem with a recastaway as all "gods" have the ability to transform themselves.  In fact, Loki proved that in that episode "Norse by Norsevest" when he morphed into a wolf and into a little girl.

As for the Frost Giants, they do get a mention in another series.  'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' had both a school play and a battle against an Ice Giant on the same night.  So the Library is really racking up the connections to other TV series.


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