Tuesday, November 8, 2016


I figured this election was big enough to warrant a Two for Tuesday extra post, so here's a quick Super Six List of fictional Presidents of the United States in the alternate Toobworlds.  None of them held the office in Earth Prime-Time because the POTUS of the main Toobworld should be the same as the President currently in office on our world, Earth Prime.  After all, a lot of sitcoms will be throwing out punchlines at his or her expense.  Dramas will mention the current Commander-in-Chief (as seen below in that 'Orange Is The New Black' screencap.) 

Some even revolve a plotline around the President:

'L.A. Law'
The entire firm is interested when Ann takes a test case from a man who says he is a friend of Bill Clinton. [From Wikipedia]

At any rate, here's my Super Six List of my favorite fictional Presidents:

1] JOSIAH "JED" BARTLET, 'The West Wing'

2] MACKENZIE ALLEN, 'Commander-in-Chief'

3] CONRAD DALTON, 'Madam Secretary'


5] CONSTANCE PAYTON, 'State of Affairs'

6] HENRY TALBOT McNEIL, 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea' & 'Lost In Space'

There are plenty of other presidents in alternate Toobworlds who didn't make this list, mainly because I don't watch their shows.  Frank Underwood ('House Of Cards'), David Palmer and several others ('24'), Fitzgerald Grant ('Scandal'), as well as in 'Bordertown', 'The Last Ship', 'Corey In The House', 'The First Family', 'Hail To The Chief', 'Mr. President', and quite a few TV movies.

Get out and vote!

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