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From the Los Angeles Times:
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the charismatic icon of leftist revolution who thrust his Caribbean nation onto the world stage by provoking Cold War confrontation and defying U.S. policy through 11 administrations, has died. He was 90. 

Castro made his presence felt on television, but Toobworld Central is not interested in his interviews and news report about him. Toobworld is more concerned with his fictional persona. 

The official portrayal of Castro was by Michael Sorich, who played him five times on TV:

"A Family in Crisis: The Elian Gonzales Story" (2000)
Played by Michael Sorich (as Castro)

"Seven Days" 
    - The Cuban Missile (2000)
Played by Michael Sorich

"Noriega: God's Favorite" (2000) 
Played by Michael Sorich

"Married with Children" 
    - Requiem for a Chevyweight: Part 2 (1996)
Played by Michael Sorich

    - The Race (1994)
Played by Michael Sorich (as Castro)

The three TV series appearances are definitely in Earth Prime-Time* and the two TV movies could be as well. But they probably also exist in a TV Movie dimension at the same time. 

These were not the only shows in which Castro's televersion appeared.   Here is a list of the other times he showed up in the greater TV Universe and which dimension played host.....


    - Florida Straits (2000) 
Played by Harold Cannon

"Sartre, Years of Passion" (2006) 
Played by Jamil Jaled 

That Michael Sorich did not play Castro this time out in the main Toobworld is not a Zonk. What the Trueniverse audience saw was Castro through some other characters' perspectives. 


"Saturday Night Live" 
    - Amy Adams/One Direction (2014) 
Played by Beck Bennett

   - Winona Ryder/Moby (2002)
Played by Will Ferrell

    - Christopher Walken/Christina Aguilera (2000)
Played by Christopher Walken
    - Helen Hunt/Hanson (1997)
Played by Jim Breuer

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" 

    - Episode #15.26 (2007) 
Played by Robert Covarrubias
    - Episode #14.169 (2006)
Played by Robert Covarrubias
    - Episode #11.63 (2003)
Played by Robert Covarrubias

[Formerly Claymatia]

"Robot Chicken" 
    - Celebrity Rocket (2006) 
Played by Abraham Benrubi
    - Nutcracker Sweet (2005)
Played by Abraham Benrubi

Celebrity Deathmatch" 
    - Celebrity Deathmatch Internacional (1999)  
Played by Edward Staudenmayer


"South Park" 
    - The Wacky Molestation Adventure (2000) TV episode, Played by Trey Parker

"The Simpsons" 
    - The Trouble with Trillions (1998) TV episode, Played by Dan Castellaneta (as Castro)


    - Kidnapped: Part 2 (1995) 
Played by Alan Stanton


Fidel (2002) (TV) Played by VĂ­ctor Huggo Martin / Honorato Magaloni (as Aged Fidel Castro)

My Little Assassin (1999) (TV) Played by Joe Mantegna

The Disciples (2000) (TV) Played by Armando Roblan

The True Story of Che Guevara (2007)
Played by Steven Del Castro


"30 for 30" 
    - Ali vs Stevenson: The Greatest Fight That Never Was (2014) 
Played by Danny Pardo

Finally, there are these:

"Thirty-Minute Theatre" 
    - Revolutions: Fidel Castro (1970) TV episode, Played by Bernard Horsfall

"Let's Paint TV" 
    - Let's Paint Fidel Castro!: Part 2 (2007) TV episode, Played by James Evans
    - Let's Paint Fidel Castro!: Part 1 (2007) TV episode, Played by James Evans

I have no clue where to put these, as I can't find enough information about them. 

But when Castro's picture is finally hung in the TVXOHOF gallery, this is how he'll look:

BCnU, Comrade....

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