Monday, November 21, 2016


I always say that TV is a teaching tool. Sometimes, however, I wish I never learned the information... information... information.....

Deputy Vic Moretti:
You know Dan? 

All conservationists know him. He's the asshole who used a Judas wolf to destroy the Lone Tree pack. 

Deputy Vic Moretti:
A Judas wolf? 

A hunter puts a tracking collar on a wolf and turns him loose. When the wolf returns to his pack, the hunter follows in a helicopter. Picks off the whole pack from the air, sparing only the Judas wolf. So now, all alone and inadvertently having destroyed his whole family, the Judas seeks another pack to take him in. And the whole thing starts all over again.

From 'Longmire'

Unfortunately, this practice is being employed by the government of British Columbia.....


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