Saturday, October 8, 2016



A new batch of Totino's commercials for their pizza rolls invoke a Toobworld mainstay: that some foods are alive and even anxious for you to eat them. 

But also seen in these commercials are household objects which are also alive. 

In Toobworld, when a witch or a warlock feels he or she has reached the end of their usefulness, then they are supposed to use the last dregs and vestiges of their magical powers to transform themselves into something useful. 

On 'Bewitched', I've seen warlocks who were transformed into chairs and bedpans. In a feature I used to run, "Crossing Zone", I linked 'Bewitched' to the 'Twilight Zone' episode "A Thing About Machines" in which a man was eventually driven to death by the electrical machines he despised. 

It is my contention that each of those  infernal devices was an evil witch or warlock set on destroying their "owner".

So it is with the homes in these Totino's blipverts.  They are filled with such transformed witchy souls disguised as ordinary objects. 


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