Monday, August 29, 2016


For the penultimate Saloon Gal Showcase, here's an unnamed saloon girl played by Leslie Uggams in the 1970 All-Star NBC special celebrating America, "Sing Out, Sweet Land", which was hosted by John Wayne.

All we know about her is that she could sing, and that she could parlay with ghosts:

Because of the nature of the special, this took place in Skitlandia.  That means if this saloon gal did have any off-spring, they would be found in Skitlandia as well.

Some of her Skitlandian descendants could have been characters played by:
Johnny Brown
Chelsea Brown
Teresa Graves
Danitra Vance
Ellen Cleghorne
Tim Meadows
Kenan Thompson
Jay Pharoah
Tracy Morgan
Melba Moore
Eddie Murphy
Chris Rock
Garrett Morris
Leslie Jones
Finesse Mitchell
Sasheer Zamata
Maya Rudolph
Aries Spears
Jordan Peele
Keegan-Michael Key
Phil LaMarr
Erica Ash
Donnell Rawlings
Lenny Henry
Charlie Murphy
Dave Chapelle
And even a few who had been played by Leslie Uggams.  (O'Bviously those descendants would have the strongest tele-genetic imprints from their great-grandmother.....)

Happy trails to you!

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