Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I don't think I have any of my top six favorite comedy movies in a particular order, but in there pretty near at the top would have to be "Blazing Saddles".  When the camera cut away from the street fight at the end to to show it was all a movie set and we ended up on a soundstage for the new Buddy Bizarre musical, I think the sensation that washed over me was akin to religious rapture.

Hopes were high for a TV version of the movie, but as you'll see in the pilot embedded here, there was no way the off-color, raunchy humor of the movie could never be translated for television at that time.  Hellfire!  More than forty years on, and the movie still needs to be edited for language when it's broadcast today.

I'm an optimist, so I'm holding out hope that one day somebody will mount a TV series based on "Blazing Saddles".  Perhaps one of the premium networks, or Netfiix or Amazon.  I'd really rather not have this represent that world in Earth Prime-Time, but I could see it being part of Doofus Toobworld perhaps....

So just enjoy this for the oddity that it is.  And remember, you always have the original movie for a truly enjoyable experience.  

Oh, and disregard the comment made by the guy who posted it.  He O'Bviously meant that the pilot was inspired by the movie, not the other way around......

Happy trails to you!

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