Thursday, August 11, 2016



Near the end of the episode, Bret Maverick overwhelms the villain of the piece who ends up tumbling over the side of the riverboat. And as he falls, we hear the infamous Wilhelm Scream. It is the theory of the Toobworld Dynamic that the Wilhelm Scream is an indication of the departure of the murderous entity known as Redjac from its host. Although Redjac feeds on the fear from its victims, it also absorbs the fears of those who are afraid that they are to be the next to die. With nearly a dozen potential victims trapped on board the Cynthia B., Redjac was having a feast until Bret dispatched it to a watery death. (Well, the host anyway. Redjac itself fled either to the shore or into one of the remaining people on board. My guess would be one of the stokers who worked the boilers. In fact, I favor the stoker named Meachum. Why? Because he was played by an actor named Fred Kruger.)

Happy trails to you!

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