Wednesday, August 17, 2016


While doing research on the actor John Hart, I stumbled on this from the IMDb:

'Wanted: Dead or Alive' 
Charley Red Cloud

- "Man on Horseback" (1959) 
A man shoots his brother over ownership of their property and blames it on an Indian who reclaimed his horse the man found and stole. He then ups the bounty on the Indian to push Josh to find the Indian to "hide" the evidence.

'Frontier Circus' 
Chief Red Cloud

- "Dr. Sam" (1961) 
The circus troupe turns on Casey Thompson when he dismisses the physician he has just hired, a Dr. Sam Applewhite, immediately after learning that "he" was actually a woman doctor. When one of his performers cracks her skull, Dr. Sam proves her worth by performing an emergency operation to save the young woman's life.

I have not seen these episodes, but I think I could make it work that Jay Silverheels was playing the same character in both episodes.

Happy trails to you!

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