Sunday, July 10, 2016


When it was announced last week that Noel Neill had passed away, I'm sure many thought immediately of her work as the first live-action Lois Lane.  (She played the role in two 1940s movie serials, but she was the second Lois Lane on television.)  I confess that's what I did as well, and I wrote about her years as Lois Lane from a Toobworld vantage point just yesterday.

But the role of Lois Lane was not the only one she played on television.  For our Video Sunday showcase, I have four episodes from other TV shows in which she appeared as one of the guest stars.  

I don't think it can be conjectured that any of these roles could be Lois Lane starting over in Life with a new name.  (I might have been more inclined to do so if the shows were broadcast after the death of Superman/Clark Kent in 1964.)  And there are familial connections with the two Western roles that would rule out the possibility that she was forced into starting new lives back in Time, either through the auspices of a Time Traveller like the Doctor, or because of an attack by the Weeping Angel of the Wild Wild West.

So these four roles of Ms. Neill's can be enjoyed on their own without insulting her memory by forcing a connection to Lois Lane with any of them.

'Racket Squad'
"The Long Shot"

With this next offering, the episode was divided into three parts.  But each chapter should flow into the next.....

'Public Defender'
"Let Justice Be Done"

'Cisco Kid'
"Chain Lightning"

My apologies on this next one.  The person who shared it must have speeded up the soundtrack to give everybody chipmunk voices.  I suppose they did so in order to avoid detection by whoever holds the copyright.

'The Lone Ranger'

"The Letter Of The Law"

Good night and may God bless Noel Neill.....

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