Wednesday, July 6, 2016




Superintendent Bright:
Well, whatever it is, I've given orders it's to be shot on sight.

If it's turned from cattle to human flesh, there'll be no going back.

Believe me, I know.

Come across this sort of thing before, have you

Superintendent Bright:
Mm? Oh, yes.  

Constable Trewlove:
Where was this

Superintendent Bright:
In India, before the war.
I was a young subaltern in the Colonial police.
Not far from Pankot, where there'd been all that Thuggee business in '35.
Man-eater had been stalking the fire track between Kot Kindri, Tanakpur, picking off villagers, herdsmen... children.

"Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom" took place one year before "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"... in 1935.

Here's a small excerpt from the Indiana Jones Wiki:
They land in India, where they come to a village with no children. The inhabitants explain that the Thuggee Cult of Pankot Palace has taken all of their children and their sacred stone that protects the village. They then lend the heroes elephants so they can reach the palace.

Because Indy already exists in Toobworld, thanks to the TV series "The Indiana Jones Chronicles" plus the TV movie with Harrison Ford about the world of jazz, we can state with confidence that this is a solid link between the Cineverse and Toobworld.  I'm fairly certain this is the one to beat for Best Crossover Between Toobworld & the Cineverse come the Toobits Awards at the end of the year....

BCnU, Matey!

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