Saturday, June 18, 2016


"Forget all the goals and the awards, Gordie Howe has one nice looking butt."
Marc Staal
'Late Night with David Letterman'

From the Los Angeles Times:
[Gordie] Howe, known as “Mr. Hockey” for his enduring skills and the fierce competitiveness that inspired him to come out of retirement at 45 to play alongside two of his sons, died Friday, according to the Detroit Red Wings. He was 88.

“Mr Hockey left peacefully, beautifully, and with no regrets,” his son Murray Howe said in a text to the Associated Press.

Howe suffered a massive stroke on Oct. 26, 2014, and had rallied only to be felled by several subsequent strokes that robbed him of his speech and confined him to bed.

A member of hockey’s Hall of Fame and a longtime ambassador for the game, Howe had endured many health problems the last few years, including dementia and spinal surgery.

One of the strongest and most fearless players who ever laced up a pair of hockey skates, Howe played right wing with a blend of talent and toughness that made his name a part of the sport’s jargon. Although he retired for the last time in 1980, before many of today’s players were born, a player who gets a goal, an assist and a fighting penalty in a game is still said to have earned “a Gordie Howe hat trick,” a tribute to Howe’s ability to beat opponents at every facet of the game.

The televersion of Gordie Howe appeared in two shows: an episode of the Canadian drama 'E.N.G.', which was a behind-the-scenes look at a local TV news channel, and the sitcom 'Yes, Dear'.  Sadly, he only needed one more such appearance to have qualified for the Television Crossover Hall of Fame, but he'll now be forever among the also-rans (unless I can find mention of his existence in some other series.)

YouTube had the full episode for 'E.N.G.', which had the hockey great show up at the station to award the anchorman with a medal which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the very first presentation of the Stanley Cup in 1893.  (If you only want to see Howe, he comes in near the very end of the episode.)


An overly busy day at Channel 10 leaves everyone short tempered. Ann and Mike struggle to keep their relationship out of the office.(IMDb)

This next clip illustrated Jimmy's bucket list being fulfilled.  Among the celebrities he met were:
  • Gordie Howe
  • John Hiatt
  • Dale Ernhardt, Jr.
  • Fabio

The clip focuses on John Hiatt, but just before it cuts off Gordie Howe can be seen on the ice about to meet Jimmy.

'Yes, Dear'
"A List Before Dying"

At the studio, a piano almost falls on Jimmy. After escaping death, Jimmy goes through his box of "stuff" and finds a list of items he wanted to achieve when he got older. He begins to try accomplishing items still to do.

When I was a kid, I really had no interest in sports.  But in several sports, there was one name which cut through my disinterest to come to my notice.  Mickey Mantle, Joe Namath, and Gordie Howe.

Good night and may God bless, Mr. Hockey......

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