Saturday, May 7, 2016


Could this clip featuring Muriel Landers as a ballerina have inspired Earl Hamner to create the character of Marge in 'The Twilight Zone' episode "A Piano In The House"?  It might have at least inspired the casting of Ms. Landers in the role of "Marge the Snowflake".

She was obviously chosen for the part in Ernie's sketch because hey - Fat ballerinas are supposed to be funny.  

Yeah, right.  The only time a fat ballerina should be used as a joke should be in the "Swine Lake" sketch of 'The Muppets Show'.  I mean... it's a giant pig!

Thank God we're hopefully evolving, although fat people (like yours truly) are probably the last refuge for the mean-spirited, like Fitzgerald Fortune, to use as targets in what they consider humor.

I do kinda give the Kovacs sketch a pass as it was an earlier time.  I've even seen that attitude dsplayed by Danny Williams in an episode of 'Make Room For Daddy' in which he called a woman played by Barbara Pepper "Fat Lady" to her face during his act.  And nobody can say Danny Thomas was an uncaring man.  It was just the times, man.....

Off my soapbox for the day......

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