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Usually I save all of my 'Doctor Who' posts for the big celebration held every January 1st - the annual "Who's On First" blogAthon!  What better day than January 1st?  Hopefully we had a Christmas special only the week before, so we're still pumped up for anything Whovian.  And January 1st is perfect when discussing a Time Lord - what could be better than an artificial demarcation of Time and the one marking the first day of a new yarron?

But this post needed to go out now as it's a time-sensitive news story.

Yesterday, the BBC announced the actor who will be playing the Doctor's new companion.  It will be Pearl Mackie, playing Bill:

So here are my O'Bservations:

First off, check out this article from the Radio Times.

Like the article, I also think Bill is from the 1980s.  Before I read the piece, I had no clue that was a Prince T-shirt, but I could feel how the 1980s were emanating from her wardrobe as a whole.  And I like that a new companion is from the past; it means that there would be more of a reason to use her relationship with the Doctor to ease new viewers into the series as he'll have to "splain" everything to her (as he does with Bill re: the Daleks here.)  

She's going to be quite upset when she gets to 2017 and finds out that Prince died back in 2016!  So she'll be someone most of us can relate to right away.....

It's a shame she couldn't be the first Companion to be playing herself.  Because "Pearl Mackie" is a cool name.  But even just "Pearl" would have been fine. 

Someone online noted that her name as "Bill" could be a tip of the hat to Billie Piper, the first Companion once the series returned in 2005, and to William Hartnell, the first Doctor over fifty years ago.  I think it's a great tribute.

But the fact that she's not going by "Billie".....  That got me thinking....

What if she had a sexual reassignment?  

What if she was once .... a may-un!  ("Roger Rabbit" reference....)

I think Pearl Mackie looks hot.  I'm not basing this theory on her looks at all. (It would be a different story if we were talking about  Ann Coulter!)  But I think she could do a convincing acting job as a transgender, post reassignment.

In that case, Bill would have once been "William" instead of "Wilhelmina" which is the way most people must be thinking right about now.

And to have such a character would show that this science fiction show would be on the cutting edge of  television.

But it looks as though we'll have to wait until 2017 before we can see her truly in action to find out if that theory has legs...

Here's one last point to consider - is this teaser trailer to be considered canon?  Will this clip be blended into the flow of action in the actual show just after they first met?  Or is it going to end up some alternate timeline?

Time will tell.....


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