Monday, February 29, 2016


I haven't given much attention to this being February, Black History Month, in relation to the Toobworld Dynamic as I had done in years past.  (Probably just the induction of B.B. King into the Television Crossover Hall of Fame.  Not that I have been posting that much anyhoo.)

Since the year has given me an extra day this month (which is stealing a couple of my days off during the holiday season, grrrr), I want to put the spotlight on two characters from 'Make Room For Daddy', their maids Louise Evans and Louise (last name unknown). 

From the show's inception until 1954, Louise Beavers (perhaps best known in Toobworld as 'Beulah') played Louise.  In the real world, Ms. Beavers left the series due to illness.  Amanda Randolph joined the cast in 1954 and saw it through to the series conclusion in the role.  She also played Louise in the reunion special but she passed away before it aired.

For any ordinary TV viewer, this was just a case of recasting.  But I believe they were two different women who both happened to be named Louise.  I don't think the last name of "Evans" was ever mentioned in connection with Amanda Randolph in the role.  So I think it only applies to Louise Beavers as Louise.  

Within the context of the series, I think it likely that Louise Evans died in the same year that Margaret Williams passed away.  Knowing that his two children were already traumatized by the death of their mother, Danny Williams made sure that the next housekeeper was also named Louise.  (Of course Terry and Rusty accepted her, but were too smart to fall for the ruse... not that they mentioned it.)

Louise Evans might have a few theories of relateeveety connecting her to other TV characters.  I think she had a twin sister named Beulah Brown.  Either Louise or Beulah or even both may have been married in the past and that would be the splainin as to why their last names were different.

I also believe that Louise was the aunt to James Evans, either by blood or by marriage.  And it was through his aunt that James first met Florida Edwards, who was working as a housekeeper as well.  (Florida learned everything about the job from Louise as her mentor, especially in not taking any guff from her employer, which she put to good use when she went to work for Maude Findlay in Tuckahoe.)

Here's one more theory: Louise - either the First or the Second - may have been a family member or trusted family friend who was given the honor of having someone named after her.  That would have been Louise Jefferson.

Remember, there's a reason these are theories of relateeveety.  I can't prove them, but they work for me in connecting all of these series together.

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