Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Based on the incessant modern Christmas songs playing in the lobby of the "That Place", 'tis the season, so I'm feeling charitable with the TVXOHOF membership handouts. This is supposed to be the year of the British Invasion and we have two final entries that will fit the bill. But we did make a few exceptions during the year to mark special occasions - the 80th birthday of Robert Conrad, the deaths of Leonard Nimoy and Dick Van Patten - so why not celebrate the 70th birthday of Bette Midler as well? (She turned 70 on the 1st.)

She had her own eponymous sitcom a few years back in which her Toobworld husband was transformed into a recastaway. She also appeared in a few sitcoms as herself, as well as a "mockumentary" and over in the Tooniverse as well. More than enough to merit a place in the Hall.....


- The Understudy

Jackie's Back!
The Nanny
- You Bette Your Life

The Simpsons
- Krusty Gets Kancelled

Happy birthday to the Divine Ms. M!

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