Tuesday, December 15, 2015


After TV shows featuring characters of Latin American descent - Puerto-Ricans, Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, and a few other South American countries - it looks like Toobworld may finally be getting a series about Dominican-Americans.  The Hollywood Reporter claims that NBC will be producing a pilot episode for a sitcom created by a stand-up comic named Vladimir Caamaño, working with the two guys behind the Peacock's sitcom ''Undateable'.  'Vlad' will be based on Caamaño's comedy routines which deals with his Bronx family life as a second-generation Dominican.

O'Bservation: If the pilot makes it to series, and then only lasts one episode, it won't matter.  It will have become part of the mosaic of Earth Prime-Time.  Even after cancellation, the life of 'Vlad' (No idea if the main character will also have the last name of Caamaño.) and his family will continue in Toobworld.....


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