Thursday, November 19, 2015


A few years back, I ran a monthly feature here in the Inner Toob blog called "Fanficcer's Friend".  I would find pictures from outside the realm of Toobworld - newspaper photos, screencaps from movies, etc., anything EXCEPT from other TV shows - which could be used to illustrate fanfic about the TV characters played by the actors seen in those pictures, even if the pictures weren't of their characters.  Some examples - a publicity picture of Leonard Nimoy as he signed his first studio contract (Paris from the IMF?) and DeForest Kelley in Westerns (Bones back in Time?).

So here's another:

My friend and brother Iddiot Jim Peyton posted this picture in Facebook with the caption:
St. Marks Place, 1978. Legendary clothing boutique Trash & Vaudeville, who outfitted stars like Debbie Harry and The Ramones, announced recently that it will be vacating the St. Marks location that it has inhabited since 1975. Photo by Leonard Freed.

Now, doesn't that cop look like NYPD detective Andy Sipowicz in his younger days as a patrolman?

Toobworld Central accepts recasting when it comes to the aging process, so no matter who this real-life police officer is/was, we have no trouble in claiming that in Toobworld he was Sipowicz.

Eventually Andy Sipowicz will be inducted into the Television Crossover Hall of Fame, probably as part of the Birthday Honors List, since we made valid (at least I think so!) arguments in the blog that he knew Henry and Shawn Spencer of 'Psych' and that one of his ex-wives had an affair with 'NCIS' agent Tony DiNozzo.

Thanks for finding that picture, Jimbo!


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