Thursday, October 15, 2015


Continuing with the supernatural theme for this month......

Tooth Fairy on a budget, giving less in 2015

USA Today had this story on August 17, which was also covered by WFSB, Channel 3 in Hartford Ct., during their 11 pm news program.  And both of them treated the Tooth Fairy as being real, the same courtesy and respect they grant Santa Claus at Christmas time.

Here's an example from the USA Today story:

The most profitable area to lose a tooth is in the Northeast, where kids get an average of $3.56 per tooth — that's where the most kids get $5 and $20 bills, or more. The Tooth Fairy leaves an average of $3.13 in the Midwest, $3.09 in the West and $3.07 in the South.

In Toobworld, the Northeast is under the auspices of Mary the Tooth Fairy.  She brings legitimacy to the notion of Tooth Fairies (Teeth Fairies?) in the TV Universe with her appearance in the 'Bewitched' episode "Mary The Good Fairy".  (That wasn't one of her good days on the job, back in January of 1971.  Because she had a cold, Samantha Stephens - a witch who was at that time living in Westport, Ct. - gave her some brandy to help knock out the cold.  Unfortunately, it basically knocked out Mary too.  So, with Mary drunk on her fae butt, Samantha took on her responsibilities that night.)

So it's a technicality, but that news report on WFSB - and perhaps it was covered by other TV news outlets with the same sense of whimsy - can be connected to that episode of 'Bewitched'.


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