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Continuing my salute to 'The Wild Wild West' on its 50th aniversary.....


1] Miguelito Loveless is descended from an alien from 'Star Trek'.

On both sides of his family, Loveless had extraterrestrial "input" into his DNA.  On his mother's side of the family, the bloodline can be said to begin with a visitor from Sahndara to Greece during the days of Plato.  Alexander, whatever his Sahndaran name have been, might have convinced some young shepherdess that he was Pan or maybe even the crippled god of the forge Hephaestus.  Alien genetic material is known to be incredibly potent in Toobworld - pregnancies with humans are guaranteed to produce offspring.  So when Alexander left Terra with Parmen and the other Sahndarans, he might not have had a clue that he left behind his lover carrying his child.

2] Dr. Loveless is also descended from a Time Lord from Gallifrey.

When Time Lords are mentioned as being on Toobworld, there are four candidates from 'Doctor Who' usually considered - the Master, the Rani, Romanadvoratrelundar, and of course, the Doctor himself.  But as far as Toobworld Central was concerned, there was a Time Lord from another TV series - Mr. Roarke, the host on 'Fantasy Island'.  By the time he changed his appearance, he was over 300 years old (as established in the orginal series.)  We saw that Roarke regenerated at some point between the two 'Fantasy Island' series.  Plus he had a TARDIS on the island that looked like an old shack.  

Roarke wasn't a very good "man" back in the early 1800s.  Using the name "Ramon Castillo", he visited El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Ángeles sobre El Rio Porciuncula, he tried to steal a payroll shipment and expose the true identity of Zorro.  But the swashbuckling "Fox" was able to defeat him on both counts.  Ramon was captured, but his Time Lord intelligence helped him to engineer his escape.

But while he was in Spanish California, "Castillo" seduced a young senorita named Dona Maria Concepcion DeVega, whose family held huge land grants that had been granted to them by the Spanish Viceroy of Mexico.  In 1837 (according to the Wold Newton archivists whom I admire*), Castillo left her impregnated with a child, and it was Dona Maria who brought the Sahndaran genetics to the conception of Miguelito.  That combination of human, Sahndaran, and Gallifreyan DNA sparked the special circumstances that created the dwarf with a brilliant but insane intelligence.

3] Miguelito Loveless had access to the research of Dr. Frankenstein.

Considering he was able to shrink humans down in size and to travel into alternate dimensions through portal paintings, it's no stretch of the imagination to think that Loveless would be able to bring "what was once an inarticulate mass of lifeless tissues" back to life.  And the evidence that he was able to do so?  His "sidekick" Voltaire, the mute, massive bodyguard for several episodes of 'The Wild Wild West'.

4] Miguelito Loveless could "regenerate".

The miniature madman's ability to come back from near-death in many of the 'WWW' episodes was more than miraculous.  I think it can be attributed to his parentage, having a Time Lord for his father.  However, every time he came back via these regenerations, his physical form never altered.  That's because he was not a full Gallifreyan, but a genetic mix 'n' match of not only Gallifreyan chromosomes but also of Sahndaran DNA all mixed in with a human base.  

The precedence for it can be found in the 'Doctor Who' episode "The Doctor's Daughter" in which Jenny regenerated, but remained looking like she did before she "died".  And because of this ability, we can move on to the next point:

5] Dr. Loveless appears in other TV shows, set in the late 20th Century.
Because of his ability to regenerate, one that was not controlled by the Gallifreyan Council, Dr. Loveless could be considered still alive even now into the new millennium, even though we haven't had the chance to see him lately.  But we've seen him in TV shows from the 1960s and 1970s (or at least set in those time periods), but he was known by aliases.  

Among these are:


  • 'Amos Burke, Secret Agent' - Known as Mr. Syn
  • 'Get Smart' - KAOS leader Mr. Big
  • 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea' - The Clown
  • "Goodnight, My Love" - Arthur Boyle (1940s when Loveless must have been suffering amnesia)
6] Dr. Loveless appears in other TV Westerns

Using the name of George Marshall, Dr. Loveless had fallen in love with a circus performer and joined the company to be with her, according to an episode of 'Bonanza'.  But she died giving birth to their daughter in 1870 and he was forced to find employment near the Ponderosa.  I believe that daughter later died which sent Dr. Loveless into a rage with the intent to make the world safe for all children.  

Six years later, Dr. Loveless and his brutish creation Voltaire were hiding out in the ghost town of Paradox, where they encountered 'The Monroes'.  Loveless and Voltaire used the aliases of Nemo and Casmir.
'The Monroes' - Nemo (with Richard Kiel as Casmir!)

Happy Trails To You!

*  Although I accept certain tenets in the Loveless timeline from the Wold Newton universe, not all of it works for the Toobworld Dynamic.  

October 20, 1837
Miguelito Loveless is born of a union between Dona Maria Concepicion DeVega and an American filibuster.

October 20, 1837 is fine for the date of Miguelito's birth, and his mother's maiden name works for me, as well.  However, for my theories, the unnamed American "filibuster" (historical definition: "a person engaging in unauthorized warfare against a foreign country") would just be a creation by Dona Maria to cover up the illegitimacy of her child.

I am curious as to who that filibuster could be for Mssrs. Ellis and Eckert......

The Wold Newton concept was created by legendary author PJ Farmer and it's maintained by Win Scott Eckert.  If you'd like to read more, click here.

Mark Ellis and Win put together the chronology for 'The Wild Wild West' which is a fascinating read, even if I have to dismiss some of the theories that they put forth.  Perhaps that's just as well since the amazing universe of Wold Newton has no connection to my own little playground of Toobworld.

But if you'd like to read more about their WWW timeline, click here.

Happy Trails To You!

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