Monday, September 21, 2015


While visiting Rome in 1963, Danny Williams noticed a news story in the paper about the Mets winning a double-header.  

The episode was broadcast in February of that year, perhaps to take advantage of Sweeps Month.  O'Bviously the Mets weren't playing at that time so we can't say the episode was taking place exactly when it was broadcast.  I think it was a projection of what would be happening later in the summer.  And we found that it really did happen:

The Mets apparently won another double-header in 1965, but it must have only happened in Toobworld.  1965 wasn't a very good year for the Mets - Casey Stengel broke his hip and the team went on to lose 112 games that season.  (As a Red Sox fan, I say: "Good".)

In the Real World, the Mets didn't win a double-header, but if they did in Toobworld it had to be this one:

This is not a deviation that drastically alters Earth Prime-Time from Earth Prime.  Since Toobworld has been inundated with alien invasions, changing the outcome of a double-header isn't a big woop.


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