Tuesday, August 25, 2015


"Ziggy's a sewer rat,
But a useful one."
Inspector Marvin

I'd like to think that Ziggy's name was Z. G. Miller and that about a year before he arrived in New Orleans, he was out West where he was a weaselly little shopkeeper (the same kind of job he had in the Big Easy.)

Being a rat seemed to be a family trait.  As I once posted to the blog, I believed Ziggy had a son who became a derelict in 1930's New York known to others as "Rodent".

At least that's how I previously played it out.  But the Toobworld Dynamic is flexible.....

Ziggy of the 'Maverick' episode is still Miller of the 'Cheyenne' episode.  But now "Rodent" is his great-nephew.  

Ziggy had a twin brother named Eddie who was so disgusted by his family that he changed his surname to "Halstead".  He moved to North Fork, New Mexico, where he ran the local hotel and its saloon.

But genetics always win out in the end, and Eddie had a daughter named Lillian.  She was a bad girl who "worked hard" for a living and at one point she gave birth to a baby boy whom she gave away to be adopted.  This boy would grow up to be that derelict known as "Rodent" who would wind up with two destinies on the Toobworld Timeline.....

(John Harmon played all four roles.)

'Cheyenne' - "The Storm Riders"
'Maverick' - "Hostage"
'The Rifleman' - "Eddie's Daughter" (and a dozen more)
'Star Trek' - "City On The Edge Of Forever"


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