Monday, April 6, 2015


If you've been following along with the 2015 inductees into the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame, you know that there has been a theme - it's a British Invasion!  (There have been two additional new members based on circumstances - Robert Conrad for his 80th birthday, and Leonard Nimoy [twice over - in Toobworld and in the Tooniverse] after his death.)

When I was making up the list of the potential new members into the Hall, I also wanted to make sure I adhered to the traditional entries for certain months - a horror-related inductee for October, a black character for February, one for the ladies in May.  And of them all, April - the month of the April Fool's Day - was locked in right from the beginning:


Probably the longest name in the Hall this year!

Mr. Humphries was a salesman in the Grace Brothers' Department Store in London.  'Are You Being Served?' had the slimmest of basic plotlines and yet ran for two decades.

Here's a list of the episodes that qualifies Mr. Humphries for inclusion in the Television Crossover Hall Of Fame:
  • Comedy Playhouse - 'Are You Being Served?' pilot
  • Are You Being Served? - sixty-nine episodes
  • Are You Being Served? - movie (set in Costa Plonka)
  • Are You Being Served in Australia? - sixteen episodes
  • Are You Being Served? Again! - twelve episodes
When it comes to a body of work, Mr. Humphries has a big one!

(I'm sure the late Jeremy Lloyd could have made a much better double entendre.)

Mr. Humphries gains entry into the Hall without his fellow employees because of Inman's participation in the Austrlian spin-off of the Britcom.  But I could see several of the other cast members finally gaining entry in the Hall eventually from the other options.

So welcome aboard, Mr. Humphries!  That is... if you're available for membership.....?

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